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Embrace the Chaos


I am a staunch believer in leading with the bad news, so let me get straight to the point. Earth, our anchor and our solitary haven in a hostile universe, is in a precarious situation. The solar system around us is rife with instability.

The Madness of the Planets

The enlightenment idea of the divine clockwork of the cosmos is largely a lie. Our solar system was born out of chaos and despite our relatively predictable recent past, to chaos it will eventually return.

In addition, an excellent youtube video explaining the idea of orbits with marbles and spandex:

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Why NORAD tracks Santa

One morning that December, U.S. Air Force Col. Harry Shoup, the director of operations at CONAD, the Continental Air Defense Command — NORAD’s predecessor — got a phone call at his Colorado Springs, Colo., office. This was no laughing matter. The call had come in on one of the top secret lines inside CONAD that only rang in the case of a crisis.

Grabbing the phone, Shoup must have expected the worst. Instead, a tiny voice asked, “Is this Santa Claus?

A Christmas tradition is born on the United States strategic defense nuclear hotline.

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This Video is Going to Hurt

A fascinating video all about a deeply important field of study.