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My God, They’re Made Out Of Meat

Based on the original short story by Terry Bisson.

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You are a Ghost


Random Science

Chalcopyrite – Fossilized Unicorn Poop


Chalcopyrite, more at google images search

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Banana MRI


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Katakana Edits – Diablo


You know you are at my house when….


Science Technology

Protei – Opensource Autonomous Sailing Robot

Protei is an articulated, opensource autonomous sailing robot, initially designed to cleanup oilspills by puling a long oil absorbent boom.

Mind boggling innovations:

  • Steerage at the bow, which sounds crazy to my mind, but actually enables the boat to steer while towing a long, heavy object, like the oil absorbent boom.
  • Articulated hull so that the boat can maintain power while tacking into the wind.

Crazy, brilliant stuff.

Science Technology


Truth be told, It doesn’t look like much, really just some dude’s basement, and the music leaves much to be desired, but hot damn, can that robot do the highbar!

And a double back handspring!

Here’s a quintuple backflip:

There’s more on hinamitetu’s youtube channel


The shutdown was rigged

On October 1st, the Republican members of congress voted to change the rules of the House so that only the speaker of the house could bring the budget to a vote, prior to this, any member of the house could put budget up to the vote. If put to a vote, the a clean CR budget would pass, the government would open, and these shenanigans would end. Republican Speaker of the House Boehner is singlehandedly keeping the government shut. Unprecedented and Unconscionable.


UPDATE: It was pretty much a party-line vote, held at 1am on October 1st.


Go Aweee!!!


Wealth Distribution: ideal, estimated, and actual.


When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.

— Cree Prophecy