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Trifor Griphoist

I don’t know anything else non-explosive, that you can pick up with one hand, and that can move five tons one hundred feet — with safety, precision, and astonishingly little work. Like many good tools the Tirfor is a thing of beauty, superbly designed and engineered.

via Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools.


Luminair Tree Tent

Perched in the canopy, the Luminair Tree Tent would be a perfect wilderness getaway. Wonderfully round, with optional desk, wood stove, and kitchenette, I think I’m in love.

Stuff Technology

Propellerheads Balance

With all of what you need, and none of what you don’t the Propellerheads Balance is a sleek, cool little recording console.

Random Rants

DFW: On Perfectionism

Perfectionism is very dangerous, because, of course, if your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything, because doing anything results in … it’s actually kind of tragic, because it means you sacrifice how gorgeous and perfect it is in your head for what it really is.

–David Foster Wallace
via PBS Blank on Blank



Symbolset:uses font magic to change words into icons. Made with love for computers and people.


Staircase / Book case / Slide!


Designed by achitect Moon Hoon, the Panorama House includes a staircase that is also a book case, and features a slide to boot!

From the architect:

The basic request of upper and lower spatial organization and the shape of the site promted a long and tin house with fluctuating facade which would allow for more differentiated view. The key was coming up with a multi-functional space which is a large staircase, bookshelves, casual reading space, home cinema, slide and many more…

The client was very pleased with the design, and the initial design was accepted and finalized almost instantly, only with minor adjustments. The kitchen and dining space is another important space where family gathers to bond. The TV was pushed away to a smaller living room. The attic is where the best view is possible, it is used as a play room for younger kids. The multi-use stair and slice space brings much active energy to the house, not only children, but also grown ups love the slide staircase…An action filled playful house for all ages…

The rest of the house is pretty cool as well.


Wilson Keyring

The Wilson Keyring, by It is simple, sturdy, good-looking, and most importantly, very practical. It is simultaneously quite easy to open, yet very unlikely to accidentally spill your keys everywhere. The splash of color looks good, especially when hung from a belt.

Rants Technology

A Startup Development Plan

  1. Continuous Integration, use it.
  2. All code must have tests. Lower coverage == CI fail
  3. Tests must run fast. Slower average test speed == CI fail
  4. Code quality regression == CI fail.
  5. Vagrant and Chef for your development environment. A new dev machine is a “git clone” and “vagrant up” away. (this means good seed data!)
  6. Any and All strings that a user could ever see must be internationalized, resource file in {native language} first, of course.
  7. Github is the hub: pull requests for code review. One other person signs off on code before it goes to staging
  8. Deployment, Rollback, and Scaling are all one command away.
  9. Build for horizontal scaling.  Start with multiple instances of every server/database/application/service type. Plan on your servers/apps/services being fungible, unreliable, and innumerable. Discovery over configuration. (etcd, zookeeper, ironfandoozerd)
  10. Faster response to the user is always better. Anything that doesn’t need an immediate response, queue it up and do it  in the background. Cache and pre-compute as much as possible.
  11. If someone else has made a library that does most of what you want, use it. (Submit patches so it does all of what you want)
  12. If you can abstract the solution out of the app into a standalone library, do so and make it open source. Open source is the great code review in the sky. More eyes means better code.
  13. A service is better than a solution. A solution is better than a hack. A hack is better than nothing at all.
  14. Done is the engine of more.
  15. Perfect is the enemy of the good.